We Are A Startup Company That Just Happens To Invest in Other Start-ups…


We go on lots of dates with entrepreneurs from all over the world, making sure we're not missing out on new and exciting opportunities. Like in any good relationship, choosing the right partner can be tricky. Although we are approached with hundreds of pitches every year, we only invest in a handful of teams who meet our stringent criteria. We are looking for passionate, creative, stimulating, and innovative teams, and most importantly, ones who we believe are capable of executing their vision successfully. As we're specializing at the early stages, frankly, quite often we don't really have a clue if we've made the right call or not, but once we've decided, we simply take the leap of faith and work for the best .

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We only invest in companies who we believe we can contribute real value to. This is why the interest of the startup company is at the top of our priorities, and our term-sheets clearly reflect this. For example, we don't take preferred shares and we ask the founders to sign repurchase agreements, because we believe this is in the best interest of the company. We appreciate we're in a risky business and we love it! We are not your ordinary VC - in fact, we are not a VC at all, we're an Investment company!

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We get a kick out of building thriving businesses and we're not afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. We may not have the answer for everything, but we're likely to have the right expert within our extensive network. We are not in a rush to sell off our invested companies, and we do not have built-in time bomb mechanisms in our agreements. We realize that some businesses may fail, and that all businesses go through rough patches – which is why we fight for each and every one of our invested businesses, and support the founders through every step on the way. When we say Partnership, we really mean it!

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