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At SYD Ventures we like great ideas, but even more, we like great people with great ideas! If you think you fall into this definition you’re welcome to ask us for a date.
We can’t promise much apart from seriously considering your offer.
We typically like to get involved at the very early stages of startups, so if you have an idea and a proof of concept but haven’t had the funds to take it forward – we’re not easily scared off.
We would like to understand your concept, validate the technical aspects and ask you a bunch of annoying questions, but first we’d like to get to know the person behind the idea – you and your team.
If all goes well – we will invest our time, experience and money in your company and together we will aim for the stars. Think of us as an extension of your organic team.
Want to tell us all about your amazing idea? Just click on the contact us button and spill your guts. Who knows we might even get the chance to have some Mango Smoothie together…



Our Dating process is fairly straight forward, but it involves a deep look into your project, its status, your marketing plan and the people behind it.
It usually starts with you poking us and sending us a deck/summary to review.

We then take a look at it and decide whether it is something that fits our interest & expertise and whether there might be potential synergies or conflicts with our portfolio.
Chit Chat is where we typically have a chat over skype/phone (if we’re too far away) or meet up and see if there is a personal match.
The Dig In part is where we take some time to try to understand your venture/product a bit better, analyze the target market, potential, competition and of course evaluate the technical feasibility of the product and your ability to execute.
Then we sum everything up and try to estimate the chances. We’re very happy to take the risk, the main question is whether there is a decent upside to make up for the risk. As a rule of thumb we’re looking for prospects of at least 100x upside potential.
Once a decision is made, we’re very fast to put a proposal together, which consists of exactly 4 pages (including the signature page).
There are only two possible answers: “I do” & “I don’t”, all the rest (“Maybe”, “Yes, but…”, “What if…”) are not something we’re willing to consider.
If you say “I do” – we’ve got an Engagement, which shortly leads to the Wedding, only in this case both parties bring the dowry.
We strive to make the whole process as painless and as swift as possible. We value your time and we ask that you’ll value ours.